Friday, 3 June 2016

Rakahuri Cross Country by Ella

Hi my name is Ella. On Thursday 2nd of June I went to the Ashley Rugby Club grounds for the Rakahuri Cross country. I went with Olivia. We felt quite nervous before our race but I knew that I was ready for it. When it came to our race there were about 50-60 kids there. That was a lot! I can remember at the starting line thinking what place I was going to come, then suddenly there was a clap and we all ran up the hill and around the rugby fields. When I came back down the hill there were a lot of Mums,Dads and friends cheering for all the people that were in the race. Then we went into the forest I was about halfway out of all of the people. When I came out of the forest I was in 7th place. Then we had to go to the finish line. At the finish line there was a girl right behind me. When we just got to the finish line she passed me, so then I came in 8th. I was really annoyed about that. Next year my goal is to get through to Canterbury.


  1. Well written Ella.
    Pleased to hear how well you did.
    Mrs R

  2. You did such a good job Ella and how cool is it that you already have a goal for 2017! Nice one!
    Ms M