Sunday, 29 May 2016

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Poetry Competition
In preparation of the Poetry Competition that is to  be held on  Wednesday June 15th, we would like all children to begin selecting and learning a poem for this.   We would prefer you to choose a poem that is not written  by Roald Dahl or Ken Nesbit this year as many of these have been used in the junior/ middle school and we would like to challenge you to widen your search.   Please check with your homeroom teacher to see if your poem is suitable before spending a lot of time learning this. Remember that  it does not have to be a really long poem to be powerful- it is the way you present it!

As you practice your poem think carefully about your:
  • use of expression, including facial expression;
  • how clearly you say the words (enunciation), pace  and projection of your voice( Can you be heard clearly?).
  • fluency and flow
  • eye contact with the audience,

We will be  having  in class Poetry  Competitions to decide on the finalists at the beginning of June.

 Good luck with learning these and preparing for the competition.

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