Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Image result for Disaster plasterHi my name is Ella. I go to Ashley school. Our school is selling disaster plasters to fundraise for a new sand pit.We need to get… new sand,toys and a new shade sail all for the sand pit!  One pack has 50 plasters and each pack is $5. All of the money goes to making our new playground sand pit.

Buying plasters is better for you than buying a pack of chocolate.  Plasters can be useful for when you get hurt. So when you get hurt you can get a plaster. If you run out of plasters you have a new pack. So if you see someone that has a box that says disaster plasters on it please get a pack.

So would you get a pack of plasters for $5 or not? I hope so!

Thanks Ella


  1. What an excellent fundraising idea.
    The sandpit is really in need of a long awaited upgrade.
    Good luck with your sales.

  2. Great sales pitch Ella! Looking forward to seeing a great , new sandpit:-)