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During our inquiry into our environment we have been learning about what can happen to our waste and what is happening to our environment at a result.  We were horrified at what we  discovered. Most of us had never heard of the Pacific Gyre before our inquiry and now we are keen to see if we can help encourage others to think more carefully about their waste and to make changes to help save our planet.  Check out some of the writing we have been doing in response to our research: 


We have been learning about how waste is affecting our environment and I  feel really disappointed about what is happening to our planet. We need to stop littering because it is killing our sea life.

Lots of our rubbish is creating the world’s biggest rubbish dump in the middle of the sea called the Pacific Gyre. It is three times the size of New Zealand.It has over 100 million tons of rubbish in it and it’s still growing. It’s all because of us - we need to put our rubbish in the right place the bin.The animals are getting eating it, getting stuck in it and dying because of us.

I think it's time to change. First we could put our rubbish in the bin. Then we could start recycling. You can recycle things like cardboard, metal and plastic products. I don't think there should be rubbish in the first place.  That's why I think we need to look after our environment better and STOP LITTERING.

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I think strongly that we all need to stop littering because we all are killing our wildlife. We have made a gigantic pile of rubbish in the sea called the Pacific Gyre.It is also called the great pacific garbage patch. It is disgusting. This is why I think we need to stop littering.

We have created a humongous disaster in our ocean. Did you know that there are five garbage patches in the whole wide world and our rubbish goes into it? Did you also know that it is usually only plastic and chemicals in a garbage patch so when the animals eat it , they can die? The birds practically live on rubbish.

To save the planet we need to reuse, reduce and recycle so that we can do better.  We shouldn't just throw rubbish in tight spaces or bushes as it might end up in the gyre or birds can find it  and  lots of animals can . We need to throw it in the bin or hold on to it and reuse it.



We have been learning about how waste is hurting the environment and I feel really sad and angry about what is happening and to think that people put so much effort to stop rubbish killing wildlife and some people do not even care about what they are doing to our planet.I am writing to tell you that littering needs to stop.

There is something called the Pacific Gyre which is a rubbish dump in the middle of the ocean. It is three times the size of New Zealand. Scientists say that the Pacific Gyre will be twice the size of what it is in two years time. That is very scary.

By littering we are also killing innocent animals. The animals eat our rubbish and the chemicals run through their bodies and shuts down their lungs so they die.

I think we could stop this from happening by thinking about what we do with our rubbish.  We could be reusing snap lock bags,maybe glad wrap and water bottles and much more. So please stop littering before it is too late. If you see rubbish please pick it up.
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  1. Tumeke writing Kowhai! I am so pleased that you are thinking about this problem which we have in a part of the Pacific Ocean.
    You have all mentioned that we need to be more careful with our rubbish and put it in the right place, or focus on reducing, recycling and reusing, but I wonder if there is more to this problem than that. I notice that there are many products which seem to have unnecessary packaging, and in some supermarkets, there are plastic packages for plums, pears, nectarines etc! What is that all about? Do we need them? Are they necessary? What might be the alternatives?
    Keep up the great work Kowhai.
    Ms Meehan