Sunday, 12 March 2017

Welcome to 2017!

Welcome back to another very busy year at Ashley School in Kowhai.  

We have had an extremely busy beginning to the term which all began on the first day when Pedalmania came to visit our school.  We had lots of laughs and showed lots of determination, cooperation and perseverance as we figured out how to get these crazy bikes successfully pedalling. This has  also formed some excellent motivation for some early writing.

I heard the chains rattling when I stopped pedalling.
I felt the grips peeling into my hands as a I rode.
I saw people fall off as people tried to stop.
I wondered if the brakes worked or if I'd crash into the fence!
By Riley

I felt the wind blowing in my face when I went really fast.
I heard the chains rattling beneath me as I kept on pedalling to keep going.
I wondered if the bike was going to fall apart.
I saw my friends having lots of fun together. 
By Emily
I felt the chains underneath me rattling.  
I felt the clammy grips of the bikes on my sweaty hands.
I heard people screaming with joy. 
I saw the bikes rusting and the  paint peeling off slowly.
I wondered if I was going to crash out on these very weird and wonderful bikes.
By Lewis

I heard my friend saying" You can do it!" in loud tones.
I felt the nice, cool and refreshing breeze on my face. 
I saw Emily by my side the whole time.
I wondered if I would fall off when I was out of control.
I heard the bikes gears rattling as I turned the pedals.
I felt my luck rising.
I saw people having so much fun as they went on the bikes. 
I wondered if I could go on all the bikes.
By Maddy.
I heard the wind whistling as I pedalled across the ground.
I felt the dust going in my eyes as I cycled around in circles.
I saw my wheels lifting off the ground when I was doing donuts.
I wondered where the brakes were as I went straight into the ropes.
By Rocco

I heard the crazy bikes squeaking as I rode around the corner.
I felt a soft breeze against my face as I rode on the crazy bikes.
I smelt the fresh air.
I saw lots of people on the sideline cheering me on.
I wondered if I would fall off the bikes because they looked so crazy, but I didn't.
By Olivia

I can feel the pain going through my legs as I was pedalling around.
I could feel the sweat run down my forehead. It tasted salty.
I wondered whether my legs were going to fall off. I could feel my heart racing.
I could hear the chains rattling when I was pedalling fast. 

By Carter

I felt the pedals going round very quickly while I was on the bike. 
I heard the bikes rattles while we were on the bikes.
I saw all of the cool bikes like the drift bike.  It was my favourite because if you were going fast and you went around a corner you span out!
I wondered how they made the bikes. I think they made the bikes by welding old ones together.  
By James

I heard the wheels squeaking when they turned the corners.
I saw heaps of different bikes in the circle.
The wheels sounded strange.
I felt so tired pushing people around. 
I felt my legs were burning .
If was a very hot day.
I heard the birds singing in the tress while were were riding.
I smelt the fresh air all around us.
I could see the wind blowing in everyone's faces.
I saw people falling off the bikes because they couldn't keep the bikes balanced!
By Olive
We have also had lots of enjoyment learning how to skip with long and short ropes!
We had great fun getting to know a little bit more about each other and learnt some new computer skills when we made these taguls about ourselves. Here are just a few...

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