Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Camp to Pudding Hill- The highlights

We recently returned from a fantastic camp at Pudding Hill.  The aim of our camp was to develop our relationships with each other and develop our  team building skills. We certainly did this and had lots of fun along the way!
Here are a just a few photos and highlights from the children.... If you would like to see more we have a slideshow in our classroom. 

The best thing about camp was walking up the Te Awa Awa Reserve as it was my first time on a mountain walk.  It was fun and challenging. We had to be careful of the big tree roots that were very slippery.  I am proud of myself  for getting all the way to the end. I hope I do it again.    Maisy.

I loved doing the archery and shooting best.  It was lots of fun trying to hit the targets. It wasn't so good though when I hit myself in the face with the scope!  James
Spotlight was awesome because I had never done it with such a big group. It was fun playing it in the dark with my friends without a torch.  Emily.

Archery and shooting were the most fun activities on camp because I had never tried them before.  I managed to hit all the bottles in the shooting but I didn't get any of the targets with archery.  I was so exhausted after camp I slept well.   Lewis.

The best thing about camp was playing spotlight at night.  It was really cool and exciting being in the dark and hiding in lots of different places with my friends.  At first we hid in an obvious place so we moved and eventually Blake found us! Ciara.

The best thing about camp was getting to sleep on the last night! We all started screaming when the lights were turned off and we couldn't see anything.  I also loved outdoor cooking because we got to light a fire and toasted marshmallows!  Carter.

The best thing about camp was toasting marshmallows on the outdoor fire .  Olivia

The scariest thing about camp was when the swings were squeaking when we were playing Spotlight in the dark.  Ceire.
I really enjoyed outdoor cooking because we got to roast marshmallows on a real fire.  They went all sticky and gooey- delicious!  Sophie.
Once again a huge thank you to all the parents who came along and supported us on the camp as "Camp parents" . We really appreciate everything you did to help make this a successful camp for everyone. You rock! 
  Another  massive thank you to the parents who helped get us there and back by providing us with transport! 
And finally a big thank you to everyone for supporting our children and enabling them to come along with us on camp. 

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  1. I have really enjoyed the huge catch up of all the amazing things that you have been up to. You are a lucky bunch to have so much to participate in.
    Great photos and descriptions. Mrs.R.