Monday, 7 November 2016

Other happenings in Kowhai...

We have been super busy this term already.. a magnificent Ratbags production to start the term, closely  followed by a wonderful day at Loburn domain for the Athletics sports.  We have have been starting some or our projects for our inquiry and over the next few weeks we will be working in earnest to prepare for a market day at the end of the term.  We hope to have lots of games , food, crafts and second hand items available.  It will be a lot of fun!
Here are just a few of  the projects and learning experiences we have on the go at the moment....

Watch out for the transformation of these old car hubcaps into some spectacular flower wall art. 
 The beginnings of some Christmas tree decorations!
 Watch over the next few weeks as we create masterpieces out of pipe cleaners, tinfoil and papier mache! 

Vegetable labels for the garden... some will be on sale at our market day!

 We are also becoming young scientists with a range of experiments this term. We have had to make predictions and conclusions.  These are helping us how to learn to write procedures.  We have to be able to write the experiments up so that someone else would be able to carry out the experiment using our instructions. Lots of fun... lots of great thinking too !
The Leak proof bag experiment.  We had to place really sharp pencils through a bag filled with water without it leaking. We really didn't think it would work- but it did!  Some of us even managed to get as many as 22 pencils into one bag!

We also experimented to see what shaped paper column was the strongest.  We use cylinders, triangular and rectangular columns.  We were amazed by the results.  One group even managed to get 44 books on top of a paper cylinder.  

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  1. A busy term and great year.
    You are a lucky class to have done so much in 2016.