Sunday, 29 May 2016

A very busy start to the term !

This term has been super busy already!

We began our swimming programme on the first day of this term and it has been great to see the increased confidence and skills that children have developed week to week. We take a break next Monday due to Queen's Birthday but please feel free to come and watch your child swim throughout this time. Please note though that there is no swimming in Week 8 ( Monday June 20th) as the pool is closed for maintenance.

We have been continuing our inquiry into ‘Me and My Environment’, which will eventually lead to the creation of a new vision map for our school. Hopefully you will notice some new changes around school towards the end of this term and throughout the rest of the year as we look forward to seeing our students selecting and working on school projects to ensure the sustainability of our school and its systems as well as to develop and enhance our school environment. If you (or grandparents etc) are keen to help us on projects (artworks/ gardens/ building) around school please let us know as this is always appreciated!

We have been learning lots about our waste and what it is doing to our environment. We have learnt about how long rubbish takes to break down and many of us were very surprised to learn that glass never breaks down! We looked at common items we use in our everyday environments and have thought about ways we can reduce this. Check out this table which show how long some items take to break down.

Time that items found in school lunchboxes take to break down
Apple core: 2 months
Banana skin: 4 weeks
Orange skin: 5 weeks
Sandwich crust: 2 weeks
Leftover noodles: 6 weeks
Bread: 12 days
Plastic bag: 10 years
Paper bag: 8 weeks
Plastic wrap: 25 years
Greaseproof paper: 8 weeks
Plastic water bottle: 450 years
Waste items.

We have explored what happens to the rubbish in our environment and the impact that it is having on our planet. We were all very surprised to learn about the Pacific Gyre, the big rubbish dump we are creating in our ocean and what is happening to sea creatures because of this. If you want to learn more about this then ask our students in Rakau. This is making us really think carefully about what action we can take to reduce the waste at our school and in our homes.  This week we have begun writing letters to help persuade others to think carefully about what they do with their rubbish too. We want to make a difference!

As part of our inquiry, Kowhai went into Christchurch to participate in the ‘Watch Your Waste’ programme that the Christchurch City Council run. We learnt lots about how we can turn organic waste into compost and how we can REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE all our rubbish and make the word a better place. It is certainly making us all think about the need for change!

After  our trip to the waste station we enjoyed some time at the new Margaret Mahy Playground.  We then explored the city on a  scavenger hunt  trying to find information  and learn more about our city. We were even lucky enough to meet the Wizard of Christchurch !

 We have also had Cross Country!! 
Well done to everyone for such a super effort! 
Lots of fantastic REACH values on display.  
Great Courage, Determination and Excellence   shown by all to complete this!
We look forward to hearing your results at the Rakahuri Cross Country on Thursday Olivia and Ella!

 Team work is an important skill we are always learning!  


  1. Wow what a busy start to the term.
    Great to read your blog entry. I look forward to the next update. Mrs R.

  2. Hi Kowhai, this is a great blog site and we really love seeing what you all get up to. Keep up the great work, your topic on the environment and waste is extremely relevant.
    The Marshall-Lee's :-)

  3. Hi Kowhai, what a great blog you have. Keep up the good work, this is a really informative site and we loved reading all about your very relevant topic on 'Waste'