Thursday, 30 November 2017

We are a step closer to having our new learning space as Totara was lifted up off the ground onto jacks on Wednesday afternoon.  Over the weekend they will shift Ti kouka, Totara and the Star Room onto the back field while they work on the new foundations. 
The 240 second Poem!

We had 240 seconds to use our senses and absorb our playground surroundings. We then came inside to write a poetic response. This is Lachlan's:

I hear children around me. 
The birds chirp high in the trees.
The wind blows against my face.

I feel the brush of the grass.
The vision I have from here is just as clear as glass.
The pine needles prick my legs.

I hear the sound of the builder’s drill.
The wood clanks on the ground.
I smell the sawdust up my nose.

I wonder when morning tea will be as my tummy starts to growl

The Year 5 & 6's had fun getting creative  on Wednesday afternoon when we decorated and folded these cool stars. Perhaps they may turn up on your Christmas tree!  We showed lots of perseverance and thinking  during this process! 

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