Monday, 9 October 2017

Some more term 3 highlights.

The Year 5 and 6 children worked carefully on our geometric art on a Wednesday afternoon.  We are really pleased with how they turned out.  At first most of us found it really tricky to use a compass to create circles.  We persevered and were proud of ourselves when we achieved it. Now we are keen to experiment with how we can create different patterns using circles.


We were lucky to have Michelle come and run an emotions workshop with us this term. We learned about the kinds of emotions we all experience at times, how we experience them in our bodies, ways we can manage our emotions and some relaxing and calming exercises. We have found these skills really helpful and are looking forward to another visit from her next term.

This is our new learning space for Term 4 while our classrooms are rennovated.  
We  have already spent our first day together in the hall and are excited about how we will use this space, the library and the break out spaces during Term 4.  

Enjoy the holidays everyone!

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  1. Term four in the new (temporary) learning space will be fun. You will all enjoy this time together.
    I'm certainly looking forward to day one to share in the experience. Mrs.R.