Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Static Electricity

Today in Rakau we began exploring the concept of static electricity.  
We  had lots of fun with the practical experiments and seeing how to create and use static electricity.

We had  fun using static electricity to:
  • bend water
  •  separate salt and pepper
  • make plates hover in the air
  • create crazy hair styles
  • create moving snakes
  • roll a can without touching it
  • repel balloons
  • collect dust, paper and other fine object

 We discovered that Static Electricity has several practical uses including:
  • in photocopiers where the static electricity charges attract the ink to the paper.
  • in paint sprayers and filters
  • in dust removal.
We also learnt that some electronic chips and devices don't like static electricity and need special bags to protect them!

We look forward to discovering more about electricity next week when we work out how to create circuits, make likes work  and what conducts electricity. 


  1. Looks like some fun experiments.

  2. Great photos. This style of learning is wonderful. Everyone having such fun. Mrs R.