Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Safe Cycling

Last week we were lucky to have Constable Ken come to school. He helped us to learn about cycle safety. 

We learnt how to correctly fit our helmets using the 2: 4:1 rule. 

We know what we need to check on our bikes to make sure that they are safe to ride. We checked our brakes, gears, tyres and pedal reflectors.

We know that it is a very good idea to wear bright coloured clothing when on our bikes so all road users can see us. 

We found out where we need to ride on the road and how to use the road rules when we are biking. We also learnt about what hazards we need to watch out for. 

On Thursday we practiced our skills at school on the courts and field. We had to know how to safely stop and ride behind others. 

On Friday we took the roads to use our skills. We really enjoyed the experience and are now aware how different it is to ride on the road than it is in other environments. 

We have to concentrate on what we are doing all the time! 

We know that it is important that we still have our families with us when we are biking on the roads. We all need lots of practice with adults supervising us.

Thank you to Mr Mullan and Fiona who biked with us around the block. 

This was a really worthwhile programme!


  1. Constable Ken is always good value. Safe cycling everyone. Mrs R.

  2. So awesome to have this at our school!