Friday, 12 August 2016

Welcome back to another busy term. 

Last week Tony  from Enviro schools and Lesley Ottey came to help us regenerate our school worm farm.  They are now well fed, warm and on the move!    We have plans for them to move to a new home over the next few weeks and a long term  plan to get our worms to  help reduce our school waste even more by feeding the worms our used hand towels- once of our largest waste products!  

A very big thank you to Di Moloney who has been  coming in and helping Rakau and the enviro team get our Veggie patch and tunnel house sorted.  We have turned the mustard seed into the soil so that is will be ready for planting our spring vegetables soon when the weather warms up!   It has been wonderful to see children from right across the school getting stuck into the garden!

In Kowhai we have a creative zone which is proving very popular with everyone!  
Check out these cool characters created by Israel and Max.
Check out Emma's cool emoticons that are also bookmarks!  
What a creative bunch of kids we have!

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