Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Our new class names!

Rakau’s new class names.
Welcome back! As you may have noticed the students and teachers of Rakau are calling the 3 classrooms by different names. We decided to rename each of the classrooms because we thought it was a good idea to stick with the tree theme as the senior syndicate’s name, “Rakau” means tree, wood or stick. We decided on Rakau because it ties in with the other two syndicate names which are:
Korimako which is the Maori word for bellbird, and
Harakeke which means flax.
These names all make a big picture: Rakau is a tree that nurtures the Korimako and the Harakeke grow around the big tree.

In Rakau we have decided to have our own class names inside the syndicate. We decided to go with trees to suit the Rakau theme and  these are what we came up with:

Room one’s new name is Totara. It is the biggest of all of the three trees and everyone thought it would be cool to have the biggest tree representing the last classroom. It has the year 7’s and 8’s who are the ‘big kids of the school’, and some are about to go off to high school.

Room two’s new name is Ti Kouka. It is the second biggest tree out of the 3. We named Room 2 this because they are in the middle of the 2 other rooms. It’s like Ti Kouka waiting to mature and become Totara.

Room three’s new name is Kowhai. It is the smallest of the trees, so it fits in better with Room 3 because they are new to the senior syndicate and are the younger end of Rakau.

Millie, Neve & Freya

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